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Communities Rally for Troubled Teens

Do you know how to give assistance to a teen experiencing a mental health need?

Morgan Guidance facilitates classes and collaborates with the National Council for Behavioral Health. Our goal is to make mental health first aid as familiar as CPR.

The Washington Post had this to say on the topic of comparing mental health first aid to CPR:

If someone suddenly collapsed and appeared to be having a heart attack, you wouldn’t just walk on by, right? You’d at least call 911. You’d likely stay with the person while the ambulance was coming. And if you were trained, you might even start CPR. Chances are that human decency would motivate you to do something.

So why is it that when we see obvious signs of mental or emotional crisis in a friend. colleague or even a casual acquaintance, our first reaction is to withdraw? We typically consider behavioral health issues too personal for our intervention, out of bounds for anyone but a family member or a very close friend.

Youth Mental Health First Aid is an international public health campaign designed to equip citizens for readiness and intervention. First Aiders are trained to recognize when a young person is suffering from a mental health challenge or a substance abuse disorder. Once trained, law enforcement, teachers, youth workers, camp counselors, scout leaders, college RAs and more will be prepared to respond to common challenges experienced by teens and young adults.

Morgan Guidance consultant Elaine Morgan has trained over 500 individuals in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Join us as we aim for 1 million trained across the USA. Call Morgan Guidance today and schedule a class for your organization, clients or parent group. Together we can bring change to mind regarding mental health awareness in Florida and reduce the stigma and isolation that often accompanies addiction and mental illness.

With you on the journey