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WRAP: A Proven Path for Unsurpassed Wellness

Do you have a plan for when life comes at you? A path for wellness is an ongoing need for all.

A WRAP, or a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, is useful when navigating the everyday challenges of life. This Evidenced Based Practice is especially helpful when navigating the difficulties of recovery in mental illness or from substance abuse.

A WRAP is a value driven approach to wellness and based on self knowledge and common sense. Many individuals unknowingly use wellness tools. Examples of an informal wellness plan are:

  • You know what you need to do on a daily basis to stay healthy and in a good head space.
  • You are aware of your weaknesses and your triggers, and you know what to do about it.
  • You recognize when you are slipping out of a healthy routine, and you make a plan to get back to a place of balance.
  • You know when you are not feeling or acting like yourself, and you make adjustments with intentional actions.
  • You know how to rest and regroup after an extended period of stress or crisis.

WRAP is a systematic, yet deceptively simple, process of caring for one’s own wellness. Wellness planning is an opportunity to take action by focusing on a sustainable life.

WRAP founder Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD says:

We must work to make sure that every person knows that they can get through even the hardest of times, and come out on the other side, and that the system can provide the tools so that can happen.  We must work to make sure that every person has access to this knowledge and to these services without stigma—young and old, rich and poor.

WRAP is used for:

  • everyday lives
  • a caregiver
  • a veteran
  • a family
  • young people
  • those with trauma experiences
  • life with a developmental disability
  • medical issues
  • suicide prevention
  • mental illness
  • recovery of any sort

Morgan Guidance educational consultants view WRAP in the same genre as empowerment or self help. A WRAP might be informed with techniques such as utilizing a meditation app, such as Headspace, or incorporating daily acts of mindfulness.

While useful for all, WRAP at it’s core is designed to be an accessible, empowering and uncomplicated approach for the vulnerable whose wellness depends on being intentional and prepared when every day life comes at them.

Educational Consultant Elaine Morgan facilitates WRAP for individuals and families. Morgan Guidance assists individuals in identifying programs consistent with WRAP and self determination.

Contact Morgan Guidance to be intentional about your wellness and to learn about classes and private planning sessions. Therapists and therapeutic programs are also invited to contact us to learn how WRAP can support their clients.

With you on the journey,

Elaine Morgan, M.Ed.