5 Benefits Of Private Autism School

The number of American school children enrolled in special education for autism has doubled in the last decade. As a parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you understand both the unique challenges your child faces on a daily basis, and how the sheer overwhelming nature of instructing several ASD students can quickly create a chaotic and unhealthy environment for all involved.

Whether you’ve already identified the need for a change in educational scenery for your child, or you’re wondering what options are available to help your child find the most success, Morgan Guidance offers the extensive insight and support you’re looking for, starting with the benefits of sending your child to a specialized autism school.

5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Special School for Autism

1. Highly Trained Teachers & Staff

Public schools (due to no fault of their own) are often unequipped to know how to support students with autism in the classroom. This not only affects teachers and staff, but the educational advancements of ASD students. In fact, a 2019 study by the Office of Special Education Programs discovered that 72% of ASD students graduated with a regular diploma, while 18% received just a certificate, and 6% dropped out entirely.

At a private autism school, you will find that staff is highly qualified to address each ASD student’s strengths and weaknesses through evidence-based therapeutic support and accredited academic programming ideal for creating a positive, nurturing learning environment.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

Private autism schools host smaller class sizes than public schools are often capable of providing. With an intimate classroom setting comes extra time and attention to focus on each student’s unique learning style required for educational success. Socially, smaller class sizes allow ASD students to engage in positive interactions with their peers and help foster friendships rather than distract students from trying to approximate social behaviors of non-ASD students.

3. The Best Possible IEPs

With specialized staff training and an abundance of resources, local autism schools and boarding schools for autism spectrum disorder alike can create the best Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to support the ASD students’ individual needs on a daily basis, rather than weekly or bi-weekly.

4. Specialized Services Come Standard

As part of your child’s IEP, a special school for autism will have the best resources available to improve your child’s social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and verbal needs both inside and outside of the classroom. Schools for ASD students excel in providing support for students like yours, which means your network of resources can grow significantly to help your child find success in current and future educational or social settings.

5. Limited Sensory Distractions

While public schools try to be inclusive of ASD students, it is impossible to create a completely inclusive environment free from the sensory distractions that many ASD students struggle with. A dedicated autism school will take all sensory distractions into consideration so ASD students can spend less time battling triggers or feelings of anxiety, and more time focusing on their studies.

How Morgan Guidance Can Help

If a special school for autism seems like it may be a good fit for your child, Morgan Guidance educational consulting can make the decision process even more clear. There are hundreds of special schools for autism, and no two are exactly alike. For this reason, narrowing down the right autism school for your child can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

Through personal vetting and continuous contact with local and boarding schools for high functioning autism and ASD students, Morgan Guidance offers years of industry insight families rely on to make the very best decision for their child’s special education needs. We take the time to understand your child’s unique challenges, strengths, interests, dislikes, and goals to create a clear educational plan we believe will yield the most success. 

From early intervention and residential placement for young adults with ASD, to transitioning to college for students with disabilities, Morgan Guidance offers dedicated parents support to identify the most successful path forward, no matter what challenges your child faces.

Contact Elaine at Morgan Guidance today to learn more and to schedule your free consultation. Or visit the Morgan Guidance blog today to learn more about special education placement for autism.



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