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50 Most Common Concerns for Parents, Teens, & Young Adults

Parents call Morgan Guidance Educational Consultants with many common concerns. These concerns are identified along a continuum of need from mild to moderate to severe.

Our consultants are qualified to engage a family in early intervention and emerging concerns. We plan with parents when situations are worsening. In crisis, we respond quickly to bring clarity in the midst of chaos.

There are common points of entry when a parent might be prompted to seek assistance or advising from an Independent Educational Consultant. Morgan Guidance offers varied levels of services that are custom matched to all levels of concern and to each unique situation.

  • Early Concerns
  • Rising Concerns
  • Pressing Concerns

What are the common concerns of families today? Read to learn more about the everyday issues and challenges of parents and young people in this generation.

Common concerns can be revealed in what the family experiences:

  • Typical parenting questions OR a sense that something isn’t right.
  • Behaviors in the Home
  • School, Social or Emotional Issues
  • Utilizing Therapist, Psychiatrist, Hospitalization & more
  • Law Enforcement and Legal System
  • We’ve Tried Everything – A Sense that We Need More
  • Transition and Aftercare Planning

Common warning signs that our services may be needed:

Abusing Prescription Med
Academic Performance
Adoption and Attachment
Aggression Toward Parents at Home
Anger Management
Anxiety and Depression
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Baker Act
Behavioral Issues
Body Image
College Needs
Developmental Disability
Disordered Eating
Emotional Dysregulation
Executive Function
Failure to Launch
Gender and Identity
Gifted Underperformance
Grief and Trauma
High Functioning Asperger’s
IEP-504 Accommodations and FAPE
Illegal Substance Use/Abuse
Intellectual Disability
Learning Disability
NO – Can’t Take No
Psychiatric Hospitalization
Rage or Meltdown
School Problems
School Refusal
Sexual Acting Out
Sexual Identity
Social Skill
Substance use
Technology, Gaming and Social Media
Twice Exceptional
Underage Drinking
Unmotivated and More












Educational Consultants at Morgan Guidance Services excel at planning and creating a clear path forward for families. Do not wait until a matter becomes firmly entrenched or reaches a point of crisis. Our planning is effective with early concerns and may save you from needing to plan during a future crisis. No matter where you find your self on this continuum of need, contact us for yourself or a client and start planning today.

With you on the journey,

Elaine Morgan, M.Ed.