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A Clear Path Forward

Our Mission

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Morgan Guidance Services is an independent therapeutic and educational consulting firm that has been helping families make informed decisions regarding their child’s future since 2014.  Offering Career Counseling, Educational Planning and Therapeutic Placement Consultation, Founder Elaine Morgan provides an array of customizable services focused on guiding individuals and families as they face challenges and change. Our professional planning creates a clear path forward in the midst of difficult days.

  • We believe parents deserve to be well informed and confident when making school and program decisions for a loved one.
  • We are passionate about assisting parents in finding solutions so students and young adults stay on track to reach their potential in school and in life.
  • We are dedicated to nurturing long term wellness and hopeful lives for families and their student or young adult living with emotional and behavioral health challenges.
  • We are dedicated to supporting parents as they need relief from stress and attempt to return to balanced family wellness that isn’t so focused on the son or daughter with special needs.

Our Mission: Support, Guidance, Planning

Our mission is to create a clear path forward through supportive guidance and customized planning so young people stay on track in school and reach potential in life.

  • Our consultants provide a niche of services that is highly specialized within the broader individual and family-serving industry.
  • As an independent educational consultant, it means we do not accept referral fees or kickbacks from any school or program. Families can trust us to represent their best interest as an objective advisor. Parents and family serving professionals can be assured of our objectivity because we are not connected to any program.
  • Our concierge style of Case Management provides families and individuals with private and individualized educational and therapeutic coordination in the home community.
  • Our Therapeutic and School Placement Consulting provides families with the “right fit” options for an at risk student, troubled teen or young adult. We specialize in both local and distant options.
  • Our Parent Support and Family Life Education provide families with resources and a confidential advisor so they can survive and eventually thrive in the midst of difficult days.
  • Our Community Education is dedicated to reducing stigma associated with mental health and substance abuse issues and empowers citizens and communities to be prepared and respond rather than retreat or react as challenges arise.