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Elaine Morgan, M.Ed., Educational Consultant, is the founder of Morgan Guidance Services. With decades of diverse community, professional and parenting experiences, Elaine is an expert guide for dedicated parents seeking private, individualized academic planning, college and career readiness and personal/social competencies for a student or young adult. She supports parents and empowers families to thrive in the midst of challenges and difficult days.

Always searching for strategies and ideas to assist her clients in creating a clear path forward, Elaine is a solutions oriented planner and an expert on therapeutic schools and programs. She has a close relationship with her clients and is dedicated to mentoring and nurturing families living with emotional and behavioral health challenges including high functioning autism.

  • Active in professional organizations including Independent Educational Consultant Association, Therapeutic Consultant Association, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and National Career Development Association.
  • Trained and licensed facilitator of the GS120 Career Counseling System
  • Facilitates family support groups.
  • Certified in the state of Florida as a Family Support Specialist.
  • Serves as a community mental health educator.
  • Teaches Youth Mental Health First Aid to law enforcement officers, educators, scout leaders, youth leaders, and others.
  • Author and expert on topic of aggression in the home, (Parent Abuse or Child to Parent Violence) developed a curriculum and facilitated psycho educational groups for hundreds of parents and teens in the juvenile justice system.
  • Presented in Orlando,FL and nationally on the topic SAMHSA SOC values in the context of family driven care for addressing verbal, psychological, and physical aggression by youth toward family members in their home with a focus on the special concerns of families experiencing this form of domestic violence.
  • Maintains key relationships with professionals across Florida and the country ensuring her clients receive superior care from schools and programs.

A Note from Elaine Morgan

I founded Morgan Guidance Services as a direct response to the requests I heard from families. I recognized a need for a consultant who could assist parents in coordinating academic and treatment services in their locale. Other parents need advising on how to select the best out of home placement for a student with more challenging school or therapeutic needs.

As the managing consultant, I am the first point of contact and personally engage each family to evaluate their individual needs and coordinate their consulting services.

I listen to the details of your life narrative and seek to understand the whole child and family culture. Together, with the family, we plan and create a clear path forward.

The result of our concierge style of service is a well thought out plan that is customized for each unique situation. When parents have a plan, they feel prepared and confident as they face unexpected circumstances or difficult days related to school, learning, social or emotional issues, and behavioral challenges including substance use. As an expert on the resources available to families, my focus is on parent support and creating a plan that fits the family’s needs; including identifying the “right fit” services, school or program for each child, teen, and young adult.

An Expanded Team

Career Counseling, Educational Planning, Therapeutic Placement Consulting and Parent Support are complementary to a family’s or young person’s larger circle of support. It is typical for us to collaborate with an expanded team including a wide variety of individual and family serving professionals, mental and medical health specialists, teachers, tutors, the legal system, college planners, pro-social adults or mentors, coaches, fitness trainers, spiritual leaders, self help groups, and more.