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Navigating the Process

Our Philosophy

Hope and Confidence for Parents

In this day and age, many parents need hope and appreciate a confidential and trustworthy “go-to” advisor they can turn to with all their school and emotional or behavioral health concerns. Selecting the right educational environment can be overwhelming, and it is very easy to get confused with the world of treatment. We serve as your private guide so you can find the best.

Every family begins with a thorough assessment so we are sure we fully understand your needs. The assessment process leads to Comprehensive Profile of the young person. Our guidance system has been utilized successfully for 20+ years and is recognized for matching a young person with the right resources and optimal setting. Out of respect to you and in the best interest of your son or daughter, we only make recommendations after we have all the details.

Why Are We So Thorough?

Dire consequences can result from poorly timed and misinformed educational and therapeutic decisions. Young people waste precious developmental years, and parents bemoan the expense of wasted financial resources. A cycle of failure and of waste is often the result of choosing the wrong setting with an ineffective approach to learning or treatment.

The Right Setting

We know children learn and treatment works in the right setting. We don’t guarantee to “fix” your child though we will set them up for positive change. That is why we carefully identify resources, schools and programs that will give your child or young adult the best chance at success. When working with our team, you will be able to select a setting that is the best possible option for your unique situation.

What You Can Expect:

  • A fresh perspective with clarification of parent and student needs
  • Freedom to select the level of service that best suits your needs
  • Planning with you and recommendation of the “right fit” options
  • Client advocacy, monitoring progress and tracking markers of success
  • Certified parent support for your needs
  • Planning for transition, aftercare and next steps to sustain academic or treatment gains
  • A well thought out plan of action, a clear path forward

Whether you are just beginning the process of looking for help or have a loved one who is already enrolled in a specialized school or treatment program, or have a family member who is transitioning out of treatment; we are prepared to come on board at any point with the appropriate support for any stage of your journey.