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Grateful Words from Our Families


Value of Parent Support

“Although the website states her impeccable qualifications, it doesn’t begin to reflect her heart and soul. Elaine has truly been a gift to us.”

A Good Investment

“I have spent a lot of money trying to find answers regarding my son, money I have often regretted spending. I do not however regret spending the money to get counsel, guidance and support from Elaine. As a coach, she empowered me into a healthier, stronger, and more informed place.”

Choosing a Program

“There are 1000’s of programs available. Finding one to meet our son’s specific needs…. addiction and attachment issues, was even more challenging for us. Frankly, I don’t know how our family would have survived without Elaine. She is extremely knowledgeable about recovery programs. After taking into consideration our desires and our son’s need, Elaine made several recommendations to us. The recovery program we selected was everything we had hoped for and more.”

A Good Plan

“When I contacted Elaine Morgan, I was at my end. I was so stressed, so upset, in a marriage that was unraveling and scared to death for my child’s direction in life. I needed help sorting through years of frustration. I believed my son needed help, and I wanted to be in an offensive position when that day presented itself by having a plan in place, one that I could calmly follow for the best interest of a struggling teenager. I did not want to have to make critically important decisions out of reaction, fear and extreme sadness. I wanted to be confident, informed and strong in how to move forward. My child’s future depended on it. This is the role Elaine played as my Educational Consultant and Parent Coach.”

Source of Hope

“Elaine has been available 24/7 to me and my husband and to our daughter in recovery, as well. She has been a tremendous source of hope, comfort, support, and encouragement during some of our darkest hours.”

Our Options When Life Got Complicated

“Time did not make life better. Time made life more difficult because we did not get to the heart of the matter sooner. Elaine conducted a thorough assessment of our current situation. She sorted through years of records and talked to teachers, tutors and counselors. Then we discussed possible scenarios so I had options to choose from.”


“I attended a WRAP class.  WRAP for me is about personal responsibility. I can just let my ‘symptoms’ take over my life. Or I can take personal responsibility, use my WRAP, and do what I need to do to take care of myself and feel better.”

Safe and Successful

“My daughter is back on track to reach her potential in life because our therapeutic consultant helped us identify a program that is the right fit for her. She is safe and finally experiencing success. Thank you!”

From Shame to Relief

“I was overwhelmed with shame because people blamed my parenting. We didn’t know what was wrong with our son. I felt alone with no one to turn to until I met our consultant. I felt an immediate sense of relief. She recommended an Assessment program and things started to look up for us.”