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Overcoming Challenges

When Therapeutic Treatment is Needed

From Chaos to Clarity

All parents desire for their children to be safe, have friends, do well in school or career, and grow up to reach their full potential. At times, therapeutic treatment of some sort is needed so a young person can be safe, do well and get back on track to reach their potential. We build on the strengths of the student, young adult and family to give individuals of any age the best chance for success.

Our Therapeutic Case Management and Placement Consulting:

  • Service levels to fit your need and may range from 3 hours to over 40 hours of consulting
  • Utilizes local and distant options as indicated by the individual need
  • Focuses on opportunities and alternatives
  • Often encompasses many months or even years of private consultation and advising

Young people get back on track in school and in life. Families find hope and peace as they create a clear path forward.

Why concerned parents trust Morgan Guidance

  • We have extensive experience with education, learning difficulties, mental health, developmental disabilities, child and adolescent behaviors, substance abuse, emotional and behavioral difficulties, and human development.
  • We evaluate the student holistically.
  • Each family is teamed with a skilled professional able to interpret test results and assess the young person’s needs.
  • We create a family plan of action with short and long term goals and with recommendations of local service providers, vocational development, specialized schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, young adult supports, college alternatives and more.

Level of Care

We know the right level of care and when out of home treatment is needed and when it is not. Even when an outside program is indicated, the decision is always up to the family. Our consultants are dedicated to your goals and family values. We understand the many variables that influence the timing and decision to seek treatment, and it is different for each family.

It would take a career’s time-span for you to develop the knowledge that would allow you to understand all the varying levels and types of therapy and the differences in the wide array of programs that are offered for clinical and drug abuse treatment.

You do not have the luxury of that time, and the challenges you are facing will only grow and likely worsen if not addressed with intentionality and in a timely manner.

What can you do? Seek expert guidance, guidance that is optimized to find “the best fit school or program” and bring relief and calm to your family.

Guidance Optimized for Optimal Impact

We refer to our signature therapeutic process as Guidance Optimized because it is an extremely comprehensive process where each step promotes optimal planning:

Guidance Optimized:

  • Far exceeds a DIY internet search
  • Far exceeds selecting a school or program based on a web site and a generic checklist of treatment promises
  • Far exceeds advice from a neighbor about what worked for their child
  • Far exceeds information found in a brochure
  • Far exceeds a simple placement referral from a family serving professional
  • Far exceeds any advising and support you have ever received

Confidence for Our Clients Needing a Therapeutic Placement

Why is Guidance Optimized critical if you are choosing an out-of-home therapeutic placement or substance abuse program?

  • All programs are not created equal. Anyone can create a beautiful web site and make bold treatment promises. Programs do not publish their negative press. It is easy for a parent to be misled or wooed by a nice website or swayed by a convincing admission representative. And, just because a program worked for one person doesn’t mean it is the best fit for your loved one.
  • We do this full time and travel all over the country evaluating schools and programs on the important features that really matter. We are intimately acquainted with hundreds of the very best options. We know what you cannot learn from reading a program website because our professional network keeps us abreast of any emerging program concerns that could have a negative impact on our clients.
  • Guidance Optimized is much, much more than a simple program referral from a school, legal, medical or mental health professional.
  • Our process functions as a highly refined filter and helps parents distinguish between the mediocre and the best options, so your son or daughter can attend an optimal setting.
  • Guidance Optimized is an in depth and cost effective approach with at least 40 hours of service delivered over several months and includes multiple layers of support.

We do much more than generate a few referrals for you to navigate on your own. Call or email today to learn more about what you can expect from our thorough process.

Let Morgan Guidance represent you and advocate for your child. We will be at your side, serving as a private guide throughout: from beginning to end and for as long as you need.