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What is Career Counseling?

Morgan Guidance is a certified provider of the GS120. The Greenwood Career System has provided direction to students and adults for over 20 years. GS120 is designed for motivated students — OR — for those who feel stuck or unmotivated in their current career.

You will learn your Top Career Matches … and how to stay away from the least-likely options. Our clients create momentum as they identify their passion and discover the right college major and career field.

GS120 was designed to provide professional guidance to families making these important school and life-purpose decisions. Students discover their purpose as they learn about themselves, the world of work, and where they “fit in” through a self-exploration process that includes:


Identifies your Top 100 Careers


Holistic approach with objective data


Combines Interests, Values, Personality
and Aptitude


Uses the most up-to-date, reliable and valid psychometric test available

Career Testing

Research has shown the “GS120 to be 85% effective with a 94.6% approval rating,” the most reliable and valid career-matching instrument available.

– Career Development Quarterly

Career Coaching

Service and Consultation includes:

Interviews with our career counselor


A series of online assessments


Analysis of the individual profile


A 4-hour career counseling session with a certified professional


A 26+ page personality and career-matching report


An option for peers to do the process as a small group

Click HERE to download our Greenwood 120™ flyer for more information! Contact us today to schedule your Career Counseling session so you will be ready to select a college major or a path of vocational training that leads to a fulfilling career. Whether your a teen, young adult or adult, we’re here to guide you into the career you were meant to do!

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