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Our Career Counseling System will help you discover which careers are a good match for YOU!

Finding Your Clear Path Forward

Image of a college building with columns representing how career counseling can help you decide the best program to study. At any age you can get guidance from a career counselor in career coaching in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or any other state.

Your Future Shouldn’t Be A Guess, Neither Should Your Career

You never want to see your loved one struggle. Whether is through a career or finding the right college path, you want to see them choose a road that will make them happy and fulfilled. Perhaps, they are in a career where they feel stuck or unfulfilled. Maybe they are undecided on what college major to pursue. Or, you don’t know how to support them as they figure out their next steps.

Perhaps, they are trying to choose a career or college path based on what others think they should do, or what will make the most money. Not their passions or what will make them happy. Or, they are feeling lost, without any idea of what they want to do. You just know you want to support them, but don’t know how.

What Does Career Coaching Do?


Identifies your Top 100 Careers


Gives a holistic approach with objective data


Combines Interests, Values, Personality, and Aptitude


Uses the most up-to-date, reliable and valid psychometric test available

How Can Career Coaching Be Beneficial?

Career counseling has many benefits from helping to identify your or your loved one’s passions to finding careers or college paths that lead to happiness and fulfillment. It can provide support and guidance during a time of transition or indecision.

Some benefits of career counseling with Morgan Guidance Services are:

  • Gain Clarity and Confidence in Your Decision Making
  • Develop a Stronger Self-Awareness
  • Find Careers or Majors That Match Your Passions
  • Create a Roadmap for Achieving Your Goals
  • Feel Supported During a Time of Transition

These are just some of the benefits of career coaching in Florida, Texas, or Pennsylvania with Morgan Guidance Services. Career counseling can help you and your loved one navigate the future with confidence. Plus, have the support you need to make important decisions.

Our Career Counselors Are Here to Help

At Morgan Guidance Services, our career counselors have supported many individuals and their loved ones with finding and creating a path to happiness and fulfillment. Before career coaching, they were stuck or had no idea what they wanted to do. After meeting with one of our certified career counselors, they were able to identify their passions and what makes them happy. Plus, they were able to find a career or college path that was the right fit for them.

Career Testing

Research has shown the “GS120 to be 85% effective with a 94.6% approval rating,” the most reliable and valid career-matching instrument available.

Career Development Quarterly

Image of a woman in an orange shirt looking down at a piece of paper that. Representing the type of data you can receive from holistic career counseling. Whether you are deciding what to do after high school or feeling stuck in your path forward a counselor can help you decide your next steps in career coaching in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the United States.

Apply for the RIGHT Jobs, and Strive for the RIGHT Internships

Our career counselors are here to support you and your loved ones. This means they will not only find the right career or college path but also help you stay away from the least-likely options that won’t make you happy. This way you and your loved ones will have the clarity and confidence you need to make an informed decision. All with your support and ours.

How We Approach Career Coaching & Counseling

Our approach to career coaching at Morgan Guidance Services is by using a holistic approach with objective data. You and your loved one know yourselves better than anyone. However, sometimes we need help to see our strengths, weaknesses, and interests more clearly. This is where career counseling comes in. You will learn about yourselves in the sense of the world of work, and where you and your loved one “fit in” through a self-exploration process.

The career counselors will administer the GS120 which was designed to provide professional guidance to families who are making these important school and life-altering decisions. Through this method, you or your loved one will discover your interests, values, personality, and aptitude. This way it will accurately show you data on what careers or college majors match you or your loved one.

With this data, you will develop a plan that is unique to you and your needs in career counseling. But also identifying the careers and college paths that are the best match for you. We know how important this is for you and your loved one and that’s why we ensure that the process is individualized every step of the way.

Image of a man painting. Which shows how a career consultant can help you find your way to your passion such as making art. Through career coaching and career counseling, you can figure out the right future for you in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, or anywhere in the United States.

Career Coaching

Service and Consultation includes:

Interviews with our career counselor


A series of online assessments


Analysis of the individual profile


A 4-hour career counseling session with a certified professional


A 26+ page personality and career-matching report


An option for peers to do the process as a small group

Contact us today to schedule your Career Counseling session so you will be ready to select a college major or a path of vocational training that leads to a fulfilling career. Whether you are a teen, young adult, or adult, we’re here to guide you into the career you were meant to do!

Begin Career Coaching in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or Any Other State

You don’t have to choose your career path alone. The certified career counselors at Morgan Guidance are here to help you explore your options and make the best decision for your future. Keeping your unique skills, interests, and goals in mind, we’ll help you find a career that’s the right fit for you in career counseling. If you’re interested in creating a clear path forward, let’s connect:

  1. Book a complimentary consultation for career coaching
  2. Talk with a career counselor
  3. Start planning for success!

Other Counseling Services Offered by Morgan Guidance Services in The United States

Here at Morgan Guidance Services, we understand that finding the right career or college path may not be the only thing you’re struggling with. This is why we offer guidance when trying to pick the right therapeutic boarding school, schools for autism, or residential programs throughout the United States. As well as guidance in creating an individualized transition plan and mental health patient advovacy.

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