Finding Answers for Problems Can Be Hard Work

Are you a parent seeking answers for a child, teen or young adult?

Or a professional who assists young people in difficult days?

You have come to the right place.

Since 2014, we have offered career counseling, educational planning, therapeutic placement consulting, support groups, and community education. We focus on supporting dedicated parents and family-serving professionals. Our positivity and individualized planning bring relief to families and nurture hope for the future. We believe families deserve a confidential “go-to” advisor and brainstorming partner for all things educational and therapeutic. 

Here are some of the other things we believe that guide our approach to assisting families:


We believe a well-thought-out, comprehensive plan that includes the right resources has the best chance of meeting the needs of a child, struggling teen, or young adult.

The gist is this: Parents and professionals want young people to thrive, be happy and healthy, have friends, do well in school, be resilient, launch into careers, and reach their potential in life. We are here to help you make it happen.

In the past, professionals, former clients and friends have referred clients to us. Our public health campaign class, Youth Mental Health First Aid, has reached hundreds of citizens, law enforcement officers, scout leaders, and others who care deeply about reducing stigma and want to become equipped to respond to signs of mental health challenges in youth. Years of facilitating psycho-educational programming in the juvenile justice system supported families with aggressive or verbally abusive teens. We have a database and a relationship with over 300 professionals, schools and programs across the nation who know we are here to assist families throughout Florida and beyond. Join our informed network via Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on resources, schools, and programs.

So who created this place of hope for families?

Morgan Guidance Services was founded by Elaine Morgan, Ed.M. with a corporate office in Orlando, FL. Like the parents and professionals who visit our website and follow us, she is a consummate learner, dedicated to studying what will best support the healthy development of young people who are at risk of not reaching their potential. She regularly attends continuing education and training, participates as a member in professional organizations, evaluates schools and programs, and interfaces with experienced colleagues in the industry, all to stay abreast of trends and the best resources in order to advise clients on the best possible academic and therapeutic options.

Always passionate about the field of education, social emotional learning, and human development, her years of professional and personal experience are now reflected as a small business dedicated to supporting families through private consulting services. She wants to share resources with you. 

Together we can create a family game plan that will help your struggling student or young adult to overcome their challenges.



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