How Special Needs Consulting Services Aid Young Adults on the Spectrum

Young adults with Autism and Asperger’s can often present as immature in comparison to their peers of the same age. Many struggle with social relationships, and this can be due to difficulty understanding the nuances of typical social interaction. They are often still developing in all domains and social development can take up a lot of a young adult’s energy in order to catch up with age-appropriate demands.

Catching up socially can be especially taxing when trying to launch into young adulthood and complete activities of daily living. Each young adult with Autism or Asperger’s who is struggling to launch is unique and can benefit from tailored support to help them reach their goals and succeed. This is where special needs consulting services can help.

How Special Needs Consulting Services Can Help

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Special needs consulting services support young adults with Autism and Asperger’s who are struggling to launch into independent living. The consultants review records and create a summary of needs, then develop a hierarchy for developmental focus. Then they consider any or all clinical needs. Considerations include determining if the concern is longstanding or something that started more recently. Any concerns are also viewed as how mild, moderate, or severe it is, as far as impacting life functioning.

A special needs consultant will then ask what has been tried, what works, and what doesn’t. They consider all the information within the larger context of human development and then plan with parents or guardians, and the young adult when indicated. There will be SMART goals and specific action steps with identified strategies to move towards independence.

The Way Special Needs Consulting Services Affect Young Adults On the Spectrum

Particular to Morgan Guidance Services, the consultants consider and conceptualize a person’s profile from a human development and developmental psychology lens. The support is unique and varies depending on the young adult’s presentation or unique version of ASD. Some young adults are ready for career counseling, life coaching, or mentoring.

Others need a more structured environment or program that is provided with a more formal approach that might include a la carte type services. In this case, the consultant can recommend a formal program or create a plan with the family to get their loved one an apartment with support from a team. Planning might help create a college living experience that is tailored for the individual.

When Should Young Adults with ASD and Their Families Seek Special Needs Consulting Services?

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As soon as the student is in high school, consultants can consult with their family to assist them in tracking their student’s development. Acting as an objective voice, or a neutral contributor, an advisor can brainstorm and answer questions. If the family feels the student has the potential or wants to go to college, they can discuss with the young adult if they are ready for college or a gap year. A gap year can provide well-planned experiences that allow for maturity and additional life experience to help with college success in a year or two.

If the young adult wants to go to college and has the strengths that support that goal, they might then also use a campus-based ASD support program to get the assistance they need. Special needs consulting services can help families assess their support needs. Then they can make an informed decision that will best serve both the young adult and their family. Some will deny such services or they are not ready to access them. It is important to remember that launching into independence is an important developmental stage and with the right support, families can start to step back.

Parents Can Start to Step Back

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Students, especially those young adults with Autism and Asperger’s, have been highly scaffolded and supported by parents for a long time. That is not a bad thing. During emerging young adulthood it’s time to begin delegating support services so that parents can start to step back. Special needs consulting services can help families identify the resources that are needed and create a transition plan. This way, families find the right balance of independence and support for their young adults. If f there is any concern about mental health or substance abuse, it is best to start the process as soon as possible because, with co-occurring issues, a person can quickly start to derail.

The process of special needs consulting is not solely about the older teen or young adult. The parents or caregivers are aging, and their own health and well-being need to be considered as well. Due to burnout often experienced from being a parent of ASD, parents can also benefit from special needs consulting services. Jason Grygla LCSW has some great advice on how to handle the demands of parenting neurodiversity and burnout.

Tips For Supporting Young Adults On the Autism Spectrum

The goal is not to push for neurodiverse individuals to conform to neurotypical standards. Rather, it is important to learn how to navigate the world in ways that work best for them. Here are some tips on supporting young adults with Autism or Asperger’s:

Be Realistic

We all see our child’s strengths but it is rare to be a savant and it’s not likely your child is one. Turning your back to the reality of your child’s needs can lead to serious consequences. That is why it’s important to be realistic about their needs and strengths. Don’t be afraid to get familiar with their unique version of ASD or to seek help to understand. It can be a roadblock to their success.

Get Curious

Think outside the box and brainstorm creative solutions. It’s important to get curious about different options so you can be creative and have a healthy life for yourself as well as for your child. Learning more about neurodiversity and how to support it can help you find the right resources for your child.

It Takes Time

Trying to launch your young adult into independence can take years. Don’t expect to get there overnight, recognize that it takes time and patience. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different approaches can be taken, and it is important to remain patient as you figure out what works best for your young adult. That is why starting as a high school graduate is often the best time to begin this process.

Utilizing special needs consulting services can help families and young adults navigate these complex times. At Morgan Guidance Services, we specialize in helping individuals with Autism or Asperger’s to become more independent. We focus on helping the young adult find their strengths and interests so they can define their goals and have a plan to reach them. We have the expertise to create personalized solutions for each young adult and family that fits their needs.

Start Special Needs Consulting in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Elsewhere.

Learning how to be independent can be a challenge for young adults with Autism or Asperger’s. But having the right support in place can make all the difference. Special needs consulting can help young adults with ASD gain the tools and resources necessary for a successful transition into adulthood. With Morgan Guidance Services, we will support you and your loved one create a plan and find the best resources to reach your goals. If you’re interested in creating a clear path forward, let’s connect:

Other Educational & Therapeutic Services We Offer

In addition to placement for therapeutic boarding schools, we also offer support for long-term planning for individuals with ASD. As well as patient advocacy, transition planning, and career counseling.

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