Is Career Counseling Worth It?

Maybe you’re the parent of a high school student who has yet to identify their passion, or you’re a college student unsure if the career path you’ve projected for yourself is actually what you were meant to do. Or perhaps you’ve been part of the working world for years, only to realize, “this is not for me.”

Regardless of where you are in your career-searching journey, learning how to find a job you love can be a hard question to answer on your own, which begs the question, ”is career counseling worth it?”

Let’s take a closer look at what career counseling is, why it’s effective, and how Morgan Guidance can help you with your search to find a rewarding career path.

What is Career Counseling?

From the moment you are born, your perfect career path has been a work in progress. Rather than tell you what career path to follow or what major to study, career counselors identify the personal factors that make you who you are, and use them to identify your most fulfilling career path. These factors include everything from your abilities and interests to your personal values, circumstances, and personality.

What Makes Career Counseling Effective?

By exploring your skills, strengths, and interests, career counselors are able to offer the most personalized advice to identify the best fitting career paths for you, and ultimately, which careers are the least likely to bring you joy.

For students, career counseling offers a host of other benefits often not realized. By identifying the career paths that align with a student’s interests, abilities, and values, students are given an invaluable “sneak peek” into what their future could hold. With their most rewarding career paths identified, students can move forward with their schooling and career plan with more focus, drive, and determination, knowing what’s at the end of the proverbial tunnel if they are to follow a certain path.

Why Morgan Guidance Career Counseling Services?

Career counselors are only as effective as the processes they implement. That’s why at Morgan Guidance, we utilize the highly acclaimed GS120 Career System.

GS120 is a proven effective career counseling tool trusted by industry professionals for over 20 years. Through a holistic approach and the most up-to-date, widely accepted, and reliable psychometric testing available, the GS120 system combines personal factors of values, personality, aptitude, and interests to identify a person’s top 100 careers.

The GS120 system can be useful in building resumes, targeting the perfect internships, making smarter educational decisions, and identifying the best career matches. In fact, the Career Development Quarterly reported the GS120 85% effective in career counseling services. Combined with its 94.6% approval rating, the GS120 is the most effective and reliable career-matching tool in use today. 

Here is what you can expect when you work with Morgan Guidance for your career counseling needs:


One-on-one interview with our career counselor


A series of online assessments and personal profile analysis


4-hour career counseling session with our certified professional counselor


An in-depth personality and career matching report


Optional peer counseling process for small groups

So, is career counseling worth it? If you struggle to identify your passions, or have yet to find a career that fulfills you, chances are career counseling is a good fit. It would probably be a good idea to schedule a discussion with a professional career counselor.

Career Counseling and Life Coaching

Not sure career counseling is enough? As part of our therapeutic and educational services, Morgan Guidance is pleased to offer life coaching. Combined with career counseling, life coaching helps individuals struggling to find direction in life, opening the door to tough, yet honest conversations and encouraging independence. Our life coaching services are a valuable tool for young adults who struggle with challenges including (but not limited to) ADHD, autism, substance abuse, or those recently leaving therapeutic programs.

Schedule an Appointment Today

As your trusted educational planning and career counseling professionals, Morgan Guidance has the proven tools and experience to show you how to find a job you love without wasting another minute soul searching in the dark. Contact Morgan Guidance today to learn more about how our career counseling for adults and students can help you find the career you were destined to find, or to learn more about how our life coaching programs may benefit you or your loved one.



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