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Thoughts Along the Way


What is an Educational Consultant?

Maybe you’ve spoken to your child’s doctor, teacher, therapist, or conducted some research on your own about When Therapeutic Treatment is Needed and came across our educational consulting services. Regardless of how you came to ask “what is an educational consultant?”, we’re glad you’re here. Today, we’ll answer “what is...
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What is a Residential Treatment Center for Youth?

Is a Residential Treatment Center right for your child? When it comes to your child’s health and wellbeing, you’ll do anything to keep them on the path towards a safe, healthy, and successful future. But when it seems you’ve done all you can, it can be hard to know what...
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What is a Gap Year? Identifying the right program.

Also known as a “sabbatical year,” a gap year is when students take a year off from schooling to deepen their practical, professional, or personal awareness. There are several pros and cons to taking a gap year during college or after high school, as well as gap year programs designed...
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How to Support Students with Autism in the Classroom

Supporting students with autism in the classroom doesn’t have to be a battle. With the tried and true tactics from parents of autistic children and professionals who work with them everyday, you can learn how to support students with autism in the classroom to help guide them through their most...
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3 Reasons Therapists Refer Troubled Teens to Educational Consultants

Community based mental health care providers are often the first resource for families. Parents of an explosive child, dysregulated tween or troubled teen routinely find their way to trusted school counselors, social skills groups, local therapists, behavior specialists, school psychologists, and psychiatrists. A common question is, “Why do therapists refer...
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Taking a Gap Year During College

There’s no doubt that the transition from high school to college is a stressful one. So when students consider taking a gap year during college, it can often be a good idea for several reasons. Today, we’ll discuss what a gap year is, the pros and cons of taking a...
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What To Do With an Out of Control Teenager

No one knows your teen better than you. So when their behavior seems to go from “normal teen angst” to destructive to themselves or others, you find yourself wondering what to do when your teenager is out of control. Luckily, there are plenty of resources and out of control teenager...
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What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

If you’re like many parents we speak with, you’re probably wondering “what is a therapeutic boarding school, and should I consider one for my child?”  Therapeutic boarding schools are alternative schools that specialize in educating and helping troubled teens and adolescents with a wide range of behavioral, emotional, and cognitive...
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