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Thoughts Along the Way


How an Educational Consultant Fits Into Counseling Process

Counseling There can be a lack of clarity in the counseling process when school challenges, difficult emotions, or behaviors point to the need for increased services, a specialized school, a therapeutic school, or a treatment program. Families, school counselors or officials, and mental health care providers usually have expectations of...
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50 Most Common Concerns for Parents, Teens, & Young Adults

Parents call Morgan Guidance Educational Consultants with many common concerns. These concerns are identified along a continuum of need from mild to moderate to severe. Our consultants are qualified to engage a family in early intervention and emerging concerns. We plan with parents when situations are worsening. In crisis, we respond...
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WRAP: A Proven Path for Unsurpassed Wellness

Do you have a plan for when life comes at you? A path for wellness is an ongoing need for all. A WRAP, or a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, is useful when navigating the everyday challenges of life. This Evidenced Based Practice is especially helpful when navigating the difficulties of recovery in mental illness...
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Three Reasons Therapists Refer Troubled Teens to Educational Consultant

Community based mental health care providers are often the first resource for families. Parents of an explosive child, dysregulated tween or troubled teen routinely find their way to trusted school counselors, social skills groups, local therapists, behavior specialists, school psychologists, and psychiatrists. A common question is, “Why do therapists refer to...
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Key Facts on the Value of Wilderness Therapy

Why is Wilderness Therapy so valuable? As an Educational Consultant, parents and family serving professionals often ask me to explain wilderness therapy, otherwise referred to as Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare.  It’s a great question and especially timely as we head toward summer (or in any season for that matter.) Wilderness Therapy...
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Communities Rally for Troubled Teens

Do you know how to give assistance to a teen experiencing a mental health need? Morgan Guidance facilitates classes and collaborates with the National Council for Behavioral Health. Our goal is to make mental health first aid as familiar as CPR. The Washington Post had this to say on the...
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