Parent Coaching: Because Life Isn’t Linear

Parents are at risk of losing their own inner compass. Our parent coaching helps special needs parents find answers for their son or daughter with autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression or Failure to Launch.

Parent and Caregiver Support

How are YOU?

How ARE you?


Do you experience ease, clarity and peace? Would you like to?

I don’t know your specific challenges or the barriers that might feel insurmountable in your situation.

What I do know is that an ongoing sense of hurdles or catastrophe is common to all humans. Caregiving or
not. As humans we all have troubles in our past and will have in our future. It is the human
condition. The question is what to do about it.


Resilience and bouncing back is also our human condition.

Listen here to Heidi Weber commenting on ‘The Bounce of Resilience.’


Peer support in Florida. Represents how a parent coach for autism will support your loved one. Search "parent coach near me in Florida" today!


Parent Exhaustion and Caregiver Grief

As a woman parent or caregiver, perhaps you are feeling the pressure of a loved one with
challenges. It might feel like your life is being swallowed up by challenges and pressure.

Minute by minute and day by day. You know something needs to change, but decisions for your
own wellbeing feel out of reach or even out of your control.

Morgan Guidance Services, LLC.  A compassionate style of Parent Coaching


Learn three ways we are unique and not your ordinary parent coach.


We provide a bit of time and space for you to think about your needs. We hold your dreams. We are brainstorming partners. We are planners and can help break down goals into small steps.

We create a thinking environment and a safe place for your emotions and the storms of life. Nothing scares us and nothing is too extreme to talk about. Taking tiny steps is okay. What do YOU need? As a person.


We focus on you and your needs. We support you. What would you love to focus on? Can you see what is possible for your life or situation? In our role as coaches, we are not parent educators or parent trainers. Sure, we have a combined 65+ years of parenting and professional lives, and we have lots of parenting how-to tips and ideas. We will gladly share tips along the way, if that is your need. Our primary focus is you as a person. How ARE you? What makes sense for YOU now? As a person.


In our process of caring for the caregivers, a process where we offer care for you and your unique challenges, you will begin to feel a greater sense of ease, clarity and peace. Each day and when facing a challenge. You are not alone. That’s a good feeling, because as humans we are social beings.

Parenting or caregiving for a loved one of any age can feel weighty and exhausting.

Hidden caregiver trauma is a real thing. Isolation is often part of the pain.

Your nervous system might be stuck in overload.

Who listens to you? Who is there for YOU?

Parent and Caregiver Trauma

When Life Happens and You Surprised by Suffering

We know life has a way of dishing up the unexpected.

Whether a medical, developmental or mental health diagnosis of a child or adult loved one, parenting trauma, personal health issues, stress from work-life pressure, a major transition or loss, or losing site of one’s own inner compass.

We support women, parents and caregivers when life happen, whatever their need.

Special needs mom advocates IEP for her daughter with invisible disability of learning disability and ADHD #warrior mom


Parent as Advocate

Most of our clients have advocated long and hard for a loved one’s opportunity to reach their
potential in school or life.

Some of our clients, parents of Autism and Asperger, are now at a point where want to take stock of their own life and get centered.

Some are newly searching to find their way and make sense of a new diagnosis like ASD.

Many feel like a wounded healers with their own grief and trying
to do their own healing while also being a primary caregiver.

Is it time for you to advocate for your self and your needs?

Listen here to Bessel van der Kolk speak on trauma that lodges in the body.

Regardless, the outcome for all is improved overall well-being for their unique
journey, come what may, and even with all the demands of life.

Parent and Caregiver Burnout

We live in a culture and world that is typically encourages striving and pushing to do more. We
invite all our clients to find their balance between effort and a space of mindful acceptance, a
sweet surrender to what is. Rather than working to “achieve” a particular outcome, we often encourage caregivers to ease into a position of clarity, stability and their comfort zone. Your
true nature is already whole. As some say, everything you need is within you. You are your own best expert.
Our coaching facilitates settling into a space to listen to yourself. We hold space for a healing journey. Maybe you are learning to listen to yourself or your body, all over again.

Special needs parent is empowered to trust her gut and listens to guidance for autistic child.

This mindful approach often sounds foreign or quite surprising to our clients.

Sound too good to be true?

Try our 1:1 individualized process and see the difference 12 weeks
can make.



You will discover what is possible.


You will experience increased freedom from the impact of tensions and anxieties that
often go hand and hand with parenting special needs or in long term caregiving.


You will begin to navigate all areas of your life with greater ease, clarity and peace.

Find Parent Coaching for Autism or support for all types of caregiver stress in Florida, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Parent Self-Care

We know from personal experience that putting self-care on the back burner will only
backfire. You won’t be able to sustain your caregiving for a loved one of any age.

Contact us so you can make a bit of time for what is most important. Explore what it is like to work with us for your own journey toward health and wellbeing which in turn leads to more peaceful caregiving for others.

Your well-being will have a ripple effect. Your health and well-being will positively impact your loved one who depends on you. It’s a win-win.

Other Educational & Therapeutic Services

 In addition to Parent Coaching, Morgan Guidance Services offers Patient Mental Health Advocacy, Certified Educational Planning for individuals with Asperger and Autism, including Therapeutic Boarding School, Traditional Small Boarding School, and Transition Planning for emerging young adults including GAP year for those needing extra time after high school.

About the Author


Elaine Morgan Parent Coach and Peer Support Specialist for families living with Autism and Serious Mental Illness. #NAMI




Elaine Morgan Parent Coach supports women 1:1 and in groups in FL, NC, GA and virtually anywhere in the US.

Elaine Morgan is the founder of Morgan Guidance Services and a Certified Educational Planner (AICEP) specializing in
neuro diversity and developmental interventions for students and adults. She is also a Duke Integrative Medicine trained Health and Well-being Coach with a passion for supporting special needs  parents. As a mentor to parents in FL, TX, NC, Bermuda, and anywhere in the United States, her clients are women who are
motivated to preserve their own well-being and not lose who they are while they serve their families during difficult days. Setting aside a bit of time to think and then creating an action plan helps women to live well and so they can sustain what is required for long term caregiving. Text (407)636-1004 and learn more about the difference our 12 week coaching process can make.



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