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Special needs parent and grandparent having fun with autistic child.

Parent support for special needs parents
Parent coaching.

Are you a parent or grandparent of a child or teen with challenges or an adult who is still dependent on you in some way?

We mentor you so you can have peace of mind and wellbeing and so you the stamina to keep on caregiving, as long as you need to. We equip with you with critical skills so you are at peace and feel prepared, come what may.

Our clients want to give their best and live their best. They want to soar, even in the face of their loved one’s challenges. Always seeking to learn more and apply what works well self, their needy loved one and the entire family.

The Quest of a Special Needs Parent

Our clients don’t want to just ‘get by.’ These special women want to approach their caregiving journey like a quest: with determination, full of a sense of purpose and satisfying self-discovery.

Our Certified Parent Coaching is a catalyst for your potential.

Here you will discover what is possible.

If your parenting journey feels like a quest for what is possible, then I can help you find what you are looking for.

Special needs parent is happy and wise rooted in herself and health.
Special needs mother of autistic child has tips for self care.

The Journey of a Special Needs Parent and Grandparent

To be sure, sustaining parenting or caregiving for a dependent loved one over the long haul can be immensely complicated, even isolating with overwhelming experiences. Sometimes the sense of trauma piles up.

And on the other hand, special needs parenting can be positively life changing, even rewarding, all at the same time.

What determines where your parenting journey leads you? Frustrated and beaten down, or in a mode of ease and peace?

We have discovered that our type clients are very intentional, as on a personal quest to do their best. They do not want lose who they are.

They do want to find happiness , be healthy and soar, even when faced with challenges related to parenting a child or dependent adult with developmental, medical or behavioral health concerns.

How to Thrive as a Special Needs Parent

Bottom Line. Find your why. Identify your unique quest.

Who are you, and where are you going?

Learn and apply the skills that work for you so you will feel empowered to face the challenges, juggle life and be well, all at the same time

You can live more and more from a place of peace and ease, no matter the sacrifices or where the journey takes you. Evoke Therapy Podcast by Dr. Brad Reedy talks about parenting and the hero’s journey. Peace is possible.

It’s nothing you ever expected or planned for. But, you can plan here! We understand. Our style is unique. Contact us to learn why we are different.

Solutions for Special Needs Parents

With our Parent Coaching, parents set aside time. Time to take stock and time to reflect. Possibility emerges. Then the ripple effect. Solutions come.

In our 5-Point Process we have strategically combined and applied timeless pearls of wisdom with best practices from multiple disciplines. All designed to make good use of your time and energy on quest to what is possible.

We are guides that support your thinking. We help you leverage your unique skills so you can meet your goals for parenting success, whatever success looks like for you.

Special needs mom is taking time to relax for self care.

Personal Growth in Special Needs Parenting

“But, Elaine, isn’t it true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

It depends. Parenting and caregiving can build character and resilience. 

Is it your nemesis or your opportunity? And, at what cost?

In the best of times, human catastrophe can be a catalyst. Only certain people see it as so and then intentionally use it for their personal growth.

Those are my kind of clients.

They want to make a difference, to see the good, to make lemonade when life gives lemons. They refuse to go down with the ship. They want to rise up with boldness and grace and love. They want to smile more. They want to keep their peace, come what may.

And just in case you’re wondering what kind of person this is…

It’s someone who faces reality and also knows there is something more, a better way to experience reality. 

And, so they get intentional and go on a quest for better.

Image of a man painting. Which shows how a career consultant can help you find your way to your passion such as making art. Through career coaching and career counseling, you can figure out the right future for you in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, or anywhere in the United States.

The Reality of Special Needs Parents and Caregivers


Service and Consultation includes:

You are in overwhelm some of the time or all of the time.


You don’t know if you have the right plan for your loved one of any age.


You have a son or daughter who is struggling and you want learn about residential treatment center and wonder if it could be a fit.


You are giving it your all as a parent of Autism or Asperger and still not sure if it’s enough. Or maybe your are concerned because right now you feel defeated or depleted and have nothing else to give.


You wonder if you have caregiver or parenting trauma.


You feel disconnected or are experiencing isolation from friends or extended family.


You want answers for Autism or other neurodiversity and aren’t sure who to trust for guidance or how to sift through all the well-meaning advice that is out there.


You just wish everyone could be happy.


You don’t want to live like this forever, being scared, frustrated or angry about things; at times you feel guilty and struggle to feel loving or at peace with it all.

Contact us today to schedule your Parent Coaching inquiry session. Learn about about our 5-Point Process that supports your goals. We’re here to guide and mentor you so you can parent from a place of  preparedness, peace and well-being!

Why am I so confident I can help you get a handle on special needs parenting and caregiver overwhelm?

About Elaine Morgan Parent Coach

I am a parent of an adult child for whom parenting crossed over into characteristics of caregiving a long time ago. I’ve been a parent for 40 years and walked the special needs parent journey for over three decades.

And, when I realized this child would be dependent on me for my lifetime it scared me, and I had to do something different. So, I got really thoughtful about it.

Looking back, there is a lot of water gone under the bridge in the last 25 years with sleepless nights, behaviors, family anger, searching for the perfect school, trying everything imaginable (you know what I mean) and today it can still get intense at times.

Sometimes it feels oppressive to have a dependent at my age. I worry about the future for this one. I ask what will happen when we as parents are gone.

The difference of now compared with back then? It is called hard-won wisdom. Now, I sleep well. I almost always enjoy feeling grounded and live at peace. I carry on with life with more ease and lightheartedness than ever before. I am amazed at the sense of spaciousness and well-being I feel since I learned how to keep parenting from swallowing my life.


So, simply put, you can be confident that I can bring some sage wisdom to you because…

I’ve been where you are, seen the beauty of change in my own life, and I’ve supported and mentored hundreds of special needs parents and caregivers like you to do the same.  


Pause for a minute. Take a deep breath. Take another.


What do I need?

What would I love to do?

What would I like more of?

What would I like to make time for?

Give yourself permission to indulge for a few minutes.

Get your juices flowing with possibility by considering my Top 10 questions for reflection.

Indulge yourself. Consider what is possible. Access Your Reflection Questions Now.

You can have a satisfying special needs parenting journey, come what may. What are you waiting for?

The Quest of Special Needs Parents

The End Game of Parent Coaching.

The end game is actually the journey itself, the quest.

One thing is certain, change is inevitable and the journey always continues. For our purposes, your loved one will also change, right along with the rest of the world, meaning there isn’t a permanent set of skills to learn. To be sure, a few skills won’t hurt.

Our 5-Point Process is built on critical life skills that empower you as a parent of a student or adult with challenges. We mentor you in wisdom so you are prepared to: (1) be flexible and shift as needed, (2) pivot if necessary, (3) keep showing up again and again, and (4) go with the flow always.

In Closing

As parents, the only arriving we can do at some end game is to arrive home to ourselves. Real and true.

Our individualized parent coaching and our recognized 5-Point Process is all about aligning to yourself with a wise rooted perspective and a few critical life skills that will continue to support you over the years, come what may.

You will become an empowered parent, in such a way that you can continue shifting to meet any demands and also continue arriving.

Journey on, my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

Or, head our way and journey here with us for a while, if we sound like your kind of people. If you aren’t sure, call us and see.


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I know you are stressed and possibly exhausted, so I make deciding to work with me easy for you!

One of the things I’ve learned in my life and through the years of conversations I’ve had with my clients is that taking action feels hopeful, self-affirming and empowering.

But the last decade has also helped me come to appreciate and understand that sometimes the process of making yet another decision related to parenting can also feel extremely daunting. Some question spending more money on something that might not work. Many are afraid to hope that help is even possible.

So, to take the stress out of your decision-making, you’re welcome to book a consultation call to talk with me about what working together might look like and if we’d be a good fit.

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