Patient Advocacy with Coaching for Wellbeing

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Mental Health and Well-being are possible with a patient advocate and a compassionate Duke-trained health and wellness coach.
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No one wants poor health or a life without purpose. It is so difficult to sustain years of emotional duress, chronic illness, or even a life beaten down by the impact of parenting or caregiver stress related to a child or adult child with Autism, substance abuse, or mental illness.

When looking out ten years into the future, if you don’t make changes, what might your life look like? What if you made even the tiniest bit of shift or change, how do you envision your life could then look like, maybe in just three to six months? 

Everyone wants health and well-being, though the prospect of change can sound daunting or impossible. Some are overwhelmed, afraid, or imagine the change might be miserable or worse than the current situation. Sound familiar?

Patient Advocacy and Coaching for Wellness support your journey toward your vision of your best health and wellness.  

In this blog, we will talk about how patient advocacy and the coaching process works at Morgan Guidance Services.

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We listen. With compassion and acceptance of the human condition

Advocacy and Coaching are considered to be a partnership. Elaine Morgan, Health and Wellbeing Coach trained by Duke Integrative Health, facilitates a process that leads you to be your own guide and reach your health vision. A vision created by you and that is unique to you. Listen to a short blurb as Duke Integrative Health describes their training and their coaches.

Coaching as a partnership.

For the coaching relationship, a partnership can be defined as a voluntary relationship with agreed responsibilities and roles.

How do we do this as partners? Our coaches ask questions. Our goal is to create a safe space for you to take a reflective pause in your daily life so you can consider your life now where you want to grow or what you would like your life to be in the future. That reflection might then lead to goals and action steps. Whether you want to make a tiny gentle shift or big sweeping changes, we support the vision. The values and goals YOU identify and that are particular to you.

In this safe space:

  • You consider your vision and what is important to you in a variety of life categories related to overall health and emotional wellbeing.
  • You select an area you would like to focus on or even something your doctor or therapist wants you to work on.
  • You’ll begin taking realistic and meaningful action toward your wellness goals and see what action steps work and what barriers you face.
  • You adjust, tweak and slowly gain momentum.

Together, we acknowledge and savor your successes.

The results? Along the way, often within a few months, hope and confidence bubbles up. Your vision is possible. 

And now, for the partnership, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

A person sits across from a person with a clipboard while talking. Learn more about the help a mental health patient advocate in Forida can offer by searching for "mental health advocate georgia" or contacting a mental health patient advocate in Texas.<br />
  • Where are you now and what would you like to do with your imperfect life?
  • As you pause and reflect, what do you dream of? 
  • What are you mindful of today?
  • Are you considering a shift toward your vision and toward a true and well self?
  • Have your care professionals said you need to make some changes so you can be healthier or avoid disease?
  • Has someone mentioned self-care or told you to put on your own oxygen mask first?
  • Has a therapist or friend mentioned you are enmeshed with a child and need better boundaries?
  • Are you a parent of a special needs child or adult with ASD, chronic disease or mental health challenges?
  • Are you, or a loved one, in therapeutic treatment of some sort?

Start Working With a Mental Health Patient Advocate in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Beyond!

We offer a variety of virtual and in-person services, each carefully designed to facilitate all manner of health and well-being whether in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, or anywhere in the United States, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean. 

  • Ongoing mental health patient advocacy
  • Guided Journey with Expressive Writing for Healing, groups or private 
  • One-time micro-coaching sessions
  • Crisis coaching
  • 3-month packages for shifts and action
  • Group coaching with psychoeducation
  • Parent support groups related to Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar and Schizophrenia
  • Safe and Sound Protocol SSP

Our current signature program is a very compassionate, nurturing, and gentle series for parents and grandparents of special needs children and adults who feel all caught up and overwhelmed from caregiving, even traumatized from parenting, and whose nervous system is in need of a reset and getting back to calm as a component of healthy parenting and personal wellness.

Contact us or text to schedule a complimentary consultation or to get started with private patient advocacy or coaching for health and wellbeing. Learn about our therapeutic boarding school for Autism and educational planning here.

You are not alone. Your vision of health and well-being is important. We partner with you so you can live well, find peace, and be happy again.

Other Educational & Therapeutic Services we Offer in the US

In addition to consulting on patient advocacy, we offer a variety of services to support you at school, in your career, and in living your happiest life. This includes planning for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and ASD, transition planning, consultation on therapeutic boarding schools,  and career counseling. All of these services are available in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and throughout the United States.

About The Author

Elaine Morgan, is the founder of Morgan Guidance Service. She is an experienced Educational and Career Counselor, Patient Advocate, and Health and Wellbeing Coach trained by Duke Health. She specializes in assisting parents, guardians, and caregivers seeking the best private schools for autism. Elaine combines her years of professional experience and her personal experience as a parent to empower families. Schedule a consultation to explore the benefits of health and well-being coaching for yourself or Educational Consulting for a son or daughter. Our work will be tailored to your needs, and our mission is to create a plan for your loved one with Autism while prioritizing your own well-being as the caregiver.

Shows Elaine Morgan, the Owner of Morgan Services. Represents how special needs consulting in florida support young adults with autism and their families. Learn more about special needs consulting services in florida today!



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