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Finding Your Clear Path Forward

What a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant Does

We help families navigate options for loved ones who are not meeting developmental milestones or typical expectations for their season of life.

As part of your client’s team, we care about collaborating with you to provide the best possible care. Our goal is to free you to focus on your area of expertise while we focus on the planning, coordination, and placement details, which are our areas of specialty.

How We Help Your Clients

Finding the right fit isn’t simple. Not every program provides the solid level of care they claim to offer. Even high-quality programs can be a bad fit for some individuals.

That’s why we complete an in-depth evaluation of hundreds of schools and programs in every category. We visit campuses in person and look under the hood to ensure we recommend the highest-quality options. When your clients are making such a significant investment, it’s important to get it right.


  • Evaluate hundreds of therapeutic programs.
  • Assess hundreds of special needs schools. 
  • Visit locations in person to analyze quality.
  • Create curated lists of matches for clients.
  • Coordinate client treatment plans.
  • Advocate for individuals and families.

Why Professionals Refer Morgan Guidance

We do not accept referral fees.

We are not bound to a small group of programs with a shared owner that refer to one another. Since we are independent consultants, we provide recommendations that are in the best interest of your client. Our professional ethics and code of conduct prohibit us from accepting referral fees or payment for placement.

We save you time and take research off your plate.

Through our assessment process, we get first-hand understanding of how a program functions as well as its key strengths and weaknesses. We visit hundreds of locations to evaluate them in-person and have an extensive database of vetted program options.

We’re team players.

We collaborate with other professionals to get the best possible results for clients. Successful outcomes rely on the support of many people in an individual’s life. We respect your area of expertise and want to work together to help families thrive.

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