The Benefits of Asperger’s and Autism Schools

Asperger’s and Autism schools support students who struggle with traditional approaches to education and learning. Vital life skills can be mastered in specialized settings. Growth is enhanced. Social connections are nurtured. There is support for learning differences and deficits in executive functioning.

You’re fully aware the classrooms your loved one with Asperger’s or Autism is in are not meeting their needs. But you don’t want them to just survive – you want them to thrive. You wish you were able to better support them yourself, but the reality is that you can’t. That’s why a school or boarding school for autistic students can be an ideal solution. Autism boarding schools mean that you, as a parent, are not struggling to provide your loved one with the resources they need. All while still trying to provide for the rest of your family.

By choosing a school for autistic students, your loved one will receive the support and individual attention they need. All in a safe, structured environment. At times, it can be the case that a neurodivergent individual’s development does not match their chronological age. That’s why autism boarding schools are such a great asset. They focus on the development of the whole person while ensuring your loved one is also advancing academically.

You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty For Wanting the Best

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Maybe you feel a bit guilty for looking into an autism boarding school. You may feel like you’re abandoning your loved one. Or that you may make them feel like they are a burden. But the truth is, you’re choosing the best available options for them! Parents, guardians, and caregivers do their best, but you can only do so much. It’s okay to admit that, and it’s not wrong to want the very best for your loved one.

Perhaps, your loved one is stuck in the earlier years of development and their behaviors are immature. A boarding school for autistic students is the perfect way to get them back on track. Plus, it is a great way to nudge a teen forward and get them ready for independence. Since they may have had to rely more on you before, they may not be accustomed to taking initiative. Or being independent. A boarding school for autism and Asperger’s can allow them to practice these skills. All in a supportive environment yet with less support than when at home. At the same time support at boarding school will be more than what is provided for them in college. Boarding school for autism supports a continuum of development from home to boarding. With support toward independence needed for college or launching to independence.

Asperger’s and Autism Schools Can Help with Common Concerns

You’ve been supporting your loved one with their struggles surrounding schools but, now it’s time to make a change. Asperger’s and Autism schools can help your loved one overcome common issues. These may be due to their previous schools not being equipped to meet their needs or due to anxiety-based absenteeism.

School Refusal

It can be typical to see school refusal amongst students with Asperger’s and autism. This can be due to many reasons such as sensory issues, anxiety, or the student having been bullied. Asperger’s and autism schools can provide the resources needed to help your loved one understand their educational needs. They can also give them the extra time and support they need to adjust to a new environment.

Social Struggles and Isolation

You may have noticed that your loved one struggled with making friends or had few to none. Even when a student is keeping up with their studies, social struggles can be the main challenge they face. This is also the main challenge and concern when it comes to teens leaving home and entering independence. Asperger’s and autism schools provide an environment where your loved one will be surrounded by peers. Ones who understand and can relate to them. They can learn the necessary skills to navigate social situations with more ease. Allowing them to form meaningful relationships, often finding their tribe for the first time.

Technology Overuse and Abuse

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Often closely related to social struggles and isolation, technology becomes a means to establish friendships without face-to-face challenges. For neurodivergent brains, technology abuse or overuse can be prevalent. Humans are made to connect. However, when you are autistic it can be a challenge to connect with others. Asperger’s and autism schools help create the best learning environment for your loved one. Where they can learn the skills that will help them connect with others in person and in a meaningful way.

Gain Independence

It’s important to remember that Asperger’s and autism schools are not just about problems or heading off problems. The goal is for the student to have the opportunities at every turn to reach their full potential and capacity. Boarding schools for autistic students allow them to have these opportunities. So they can learn in an environment that’s tailored to their needs. This way, they can move slowly toward independence with lots of time and support to practice being away from home.

Ultimately, Asperger’s and autism schools provide a safe and supportive environment for your loved one. So they can gain independence and reach their potential. These schools are designed to promote the well-being of the whole person and their potential. Your loved one can explore a variety of experiences, including experiential education and social integration with like-minded peers.

There will be many experiences that your loved one will find beneficial in their growth and development. This can include community service and recreation. With the help of Asperger’s and Autism schools, your loved one will make friends and be able to fit in. But also participate and contribute, perhaps for the first time in their life. 

Why Should I Choose an Asperger’s or Autism School Over My Other Choices?

Public schools are just that. They are designed for the neurotypical masses. Private and charter schools are free to decide their mission and the student body they are designed to serve. However, individuals with autism or Asperger’s can often still find themselves struggling. Specialized academic settings and Asperger’s and Autism schools, however, provide an atmosphere that is real. It’s also truly for the individual as it is tailored to fit their needs.

Thriving and supporting autonomy are not just dreams and can be a reality. The education provided is designed to make connections in relationships. It’s also designed to empower students toward self-advocacy and confidence. With the help of an Asperger’s or Autism school, productive living becomes a real possibility for your loved one.

Where Can I Learn More About Asperger’s and Autism Schools?

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Many parents often choose to research boarding school websites, attend information meetings, or participate in Facebook groups to connect with other families. Autism Parenting magazine offers a resource about autism schools, which can provide helpful information.

Another avenue is seeking an Educational consultant who specializes in resources for Asperger’s and Autism and other neurodivergent individuals. They can also guide a family in the process of learning more. Plus, exploring if an Autism school would be a fit for your goals and the student’s needs. An education consultant can also offer insight into the financial aspect as well.

Ways to Help Your Loved One Transition to an Asperger’s and Autism School

Your loved one may feel scared, anxious, and unsure about transitioning to a new school. Even one that will prepare them for a newfound independence. It is important to keep the process as positive and structured as possible. But still also making sure they feel heard and understood. Here are some tips for helping your loved one transition to an Asperger’s and Autism school:

Focus on Growth

Create a hierarchy or focus. This is so you and your loved one’s providers can slowly chip away at your loved one’s needs. Perhaps, this is one way you can nudge growth in the most important areas of development. This way you can scale back on other areas of focus. Then you can prioritize skills that will help your loved one work towards independence. A lot of individuals with ASD are asynchronous in their development. So they may not meet typical expectations of their chronological age.

Shift Your Mindset

As a parent, it can be difficult to conceptualize your loved one’s presentation through the lens of development. However, this can help you understand their educational needs. Then give them the extra time and patience they need to reach their goals. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed and even angered by their lack of progress. Or even their functioning in certain activities of daily living. In addition to your parental frustration, the student can feel overwhelmed. They may shut down, act out, or melt down due to all the expectations they are unable to meet.

Gain a Better Understanding of Asperger’s and Autism Schools With Morgan Guidance Services Today!

You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to give your loved one the best education and resources possible. There are plenty of options available for Asperger’s and autism schools. Ones that can help your loved one access resources that can help them reach their full potential. Partnering with  Morgan Guidance Services can help you gain a better understanding of these schools. Plus, the options available for your loved one. They will no longer be in a school system that does not understand their needs. Rather one that celebrates the strengths of those with ASD. One that helps them develop skills in a safe and supportive environment. If you’re interested in creating a clear path forward, let’s connect:

Other Educational & Therapeutic Services We Offer

In addition to placement for therapeutic boarding schools, we also offer support for long-term planning for individuals with ASD. As well as patient advocacy, transition planning, and career counseling.

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Elaine Morgan, founder of Morgan Guidance Service, is a highly experienced Educational and Career Counselor, Patient Advocate, and Health and Wellbeing Coach. She has specialized training from Duke Health. As a parent of one with ASD, Elaine has personal experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families of individuals with ASD. She is dedicated to assisting parents, guardians, and caregivers in finding the right Asperger’s and Autism schools for their loved ones. By combining her personal experience as a mother of seven adult children with her professional expertise, she empowers families on their transformative journey. Morgan Guidance Service’s mission is to guide and support families, ensuring they make informed decisions for their loved ones with ASD. Contact Elaine today to discover the possibilities and find the ideal educational and therapeutic environment for your loved one with ASD.



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