The Importance of Parent Support for Autism

Parents of students and adults with Autism need support that is fit for the age of their loved one with Autism and Asperger. Parent Coaching for Autism and a Parent Support Specialist in neurodiversity can help.

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Parents of Autism have access to many resources that were not available in the past.

From a new diagnosis of Autism at age three, to a late diagnosis of Autism as a teen and how to parent Autism at any age. Some resources are helpful and others are not. What parents find helpful depends on their child’s issues and age. The attitude of the expert also seems to be impactful, whether positively or not. 

Parent Support and Parent Coaching for Autism can be a sensitive topic. Some report feeling judged and inept. Coaching can feel like advice giving and the end result is feeling bad about one’s self as a parent. There are no easy fixes and it’s not one size fits all when it comes to being a parent of a student or adult with Autism.

Fortunately, Parent Coaching for Autism today is less about old-style ABA. Parent Support is more about a partnership between parent and coach with a focus on the parent’s identified goals. It is oriented to the unique needs of the autistic person and the parents as well as the family.

What is Parent Coaching and Parent Support?

Parent Coaching at Morgan Guidance Services is strongly focused on the vision of the parents for their home and their child. Our coaching is more in tune with a parent’s health and well-being, the whole person. Your health and wellness is an important foundation toward achieving your goals as a parent of Autism.

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Why are we effective in supporting parents to realize their goals?

  • We listen and ask questions that support your motivation for change.
  • We spend time exploring what is important to you and allow you to choose your course of action.
  • Our team guides with a well-defined process to maximize the potential for success.
  • We partner with you to identify what might get in the way of the vision and goals and create strategies that keep you moving toward your goals.
  • We support you in tracking progress and provide accountability if that is important to you.
  • As neurodiversity specialists, we provide resources if you request, that support the goals and changes you have identified.

What are appropriate topics for Parent Support or Parent Coaching for Autism?

The parent coaching and parent support relationship is unique. We form a partnership so you are best equipped to reach your goals as a parent, both for your own health and well-being and in parenting. The partnership is centered on your goals and values. Any concern, one concern or several, that is getting in the way of your health or how you respond to Autistic behaviors is perfect for your focus. Any topic that is important to you and you think will ultimately contribute to improved health and well-being for yourself and your loved one with Autism or Asperger’s is an appropriate topic for Parent Coaching for Autism and coaching for health and well-being.

What you can do now?

  • Consider what you would like to focus on. Get a vision and consider what is motivating you. Hold on to Hope! 
  • Assess where you are now compared to where you would like to be. How important is this? How confident do you feel?
  • Contact us to support you in creating SMART goals for your health and your parenting of an Autistic Child or Adult with Autism and Asperger.
  • We are with you on the journey, supporting you as you create action steps toward your vision.
  • We will celebrate with you every step of the way toward success.
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    Receive Parent Support for Autism in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Across the United States

    Contact us for your health concerns or parenting concerns as a parent of Autism. Whether your child is in school and having big scary behaviors or in need of a boarding school for Autism and Asperger or an adult still needing your help toward independence, as neurodiversity specialists, we are here for you. You are not alone. Start your therapy journey with Morgan Guidance by following these simple steps:

    1. Contact us or book a complimentary consultation
    2. Talk with one of our educational consultants
    3. Receive the support you and your child deserve!

    Other Educational & Therapeutic Services we Offer in the US

    In addition to consulting on patient advocacy, we offer a variety of services to support you and your family. Other services include planning for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and ASD, transition planning, consultation on therapeutic boarding schools,  and career counseling. All of these services are available in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and throughout the United States.

    About The Author

    Elaine Morgan, is the founder of Morgan Guidance Service. She is an experienced Educational and Career Counselor, Patient Advocate, and Health and Wellbeing Coach trained by Duke Health. She specializes in assisting parents, guardians, and caregivers seeking the best private schools for autism. Elaine combines her years of professional experience and her personal experience as a parent to empower families. Schedule a consultation to explore the benefits of health and well-being coaching for yourself or Educational Consulting for a son or daughter. Our work will be tailored to your needs, and our mission is to create a plan for your loved one with Autism while prioritizing your own well-being as the caregiver.

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