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Advising Options Catered to Your Specific Needs

Do not wait until a matter becomes firmly entrenched or reaches a point of crisis. Our planning is effective with early concerns and may save you from needing to plan during a future crisis.  No matter where you find your self on this continuum of need, and whether mild, moderate or severe, start planning today. We have a level of support that matches your current needs.

Levels of Support

Certified Parent Coaching

Support for parents with troubled young adults and for those with fears about the future regarding a loved one facing barriers to success. Related to caring for a struggling child or a parent’s own wellbeing. Experience a compassionate listening companion, a brainstorming partner and a school and program expert, all in one comprehensive service.

One-Time Consultation: Short and Targeted | An Evaluation & Summary of a Young Person’s Needs

Not for times of crisis. A brief focused process designed to help parents to better understand their child’s needs so they can create a well informed plan of action with goals and objectives. Strength based, whole person perspective. Includes: a thorough assessment of need, and a comprehensive summary phone call regarding the young person’s academic, developmental, social, emotional and clinical profile, and identification of appropriate level of care with types of services. May reference IEP, type of school, type of treatment, local therapy, therapeutic placement, hospitalization and more. Also helpful for transition planning and access to college for those with LD, AD/HD, ASD, Emotional or Behavioral Health challenges and more. Often combined with ongoing parent coaching. Useful in getting to know us and when deciding whether it is time to work with a Therapeutic Educational Consultant. This fee may be applied to a comprehensive consultation.

Comprehensive Therapeutic — or — Educational Placement Advising

The most requested and industry standard, a comprehensive consultation including individualized planning program recommendations and ongoing advocacy. Ongoing support and advocacy beyond our basic seven hours of engagement or for those who appreciate concierge services with full time access to our specialists and would value weekly or regularly scheduled parent support calls while their student or young adult is in an away-from-home setting. Tailored service for those who need to select a specialized boarding school, therapeutic school or treatment program. Includes our Basic Consultation, support throughout the time of up to two placements and expands agreed services to the next level including student advocacy throughout the enrollment, parent support to demystify the treatment process and calm the nerves, monitoring of services, academics and placement details and tracking success during the placement or school year.  If transition or graduation occurs, then planning for home or step down program.  While this customized consultation is extensive in scope of service and is most typically offered nationally, the style and approach, as well as the amount of attention and involvement varies by consulting professional. Therapeutic Educational Consultants at Morgan Guidance are well known for a high level of client attention and accessibility 24/7 over the course of treatment. This is the Gold Standard.

Career Advising

Jump start your loved ones future with career counseling for young adults . For ages 17yrs – 35yrs who are studious, motivated and seeking direction OR are stuck and unmotivated.  A process to link a young person’s passion and personality with the right college major or vocational track.  An adjunct or alternative therapeutic option for those with sub clinical needs and ASD. Useful insight for parents and therapists working with a teen or young adult who is not engaged or who is refusing traditional therapy.  Helpful when returning from therapeutic or substance abuse programs.

The sooner you call, the more quickly you can discover answers and formulate a plan that can protect your son or daughter’s future. We will match our level of service to your level of need.