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Early Signs of Trouble

Early Intervention

Morgan Guidance Can Help

Is your son or daughter struggling with learning, school problems, social skills, emotional regulation or age appropriate behavior?

Please contact us with your concerns about a young child, pre-school through elementary, showing early challenges or facing barriers to success.

You will be able to create a plan and make decisions that protect their future.

Remember, early intervention is not just about Early Childhood.  It is possible to experience a happy childhood only to have circumstances or issues emerge for the first time in middle school, high school or college.   Awareness and an early response lead to better outcomes at any age. You don’t have to wait until the issue disrupts life or becomes deeply entrenched; seek help now.

Do you find yourself saying or thinking any one of these?

  • “I just don’t know what to do about…”
  • “Something isn’t right. Is this just a phase?”
  • “It feels like we are walking on eggshells.”
  • “Other children’s behaviors don’t seem as extreme as what we are experiencing.”
  • “My child’s issues are impacting their life, either school, their relationships or activities.”
  • “We spend a lot of time trying to keep our child from getting upset. We can’t speak forthrightly.”
  • “My child doesn’t respond well to average parenting.”
  • “I am worried about the impact on siblings.”
  • “This child is taking up an inordinate amount of my parenting energy and time.”

Pay attention to your concerns and find peace of mind with Morgan Guidance at your side.

We can recommend excellent resources and options for a thorough assessment when necessary. The sooner you contact us, the more quickly you will be able to make a plan that keeps your child developmentally on track.