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Harmony at Home

Family Life Education

No Shame and No Blame. Just Respect

We provide education on a topic of identified need, promoting family and individual mental health and empowering parents for self-efficacy and informed decision making. Our consultants facilitate gentle conversations on many topics, including aggression in the home, addiction, and mental health issues. We see the potential in a young person and the goodness of parents, even in the worst of days. We do not focus on shame or blame; rather, we focus upon our shared human journey, wellbeing, hope, resiliency, and healing.

A Knowledgeable Family is a Young Person’s Best Ally.

Frequently requested topics:

  • Mental Health Awarenes
  • Communication: Validating not Fixing
  • Aggression in the home
  • General parenting of High Functioning Asperger/ASD
  • Unstuck and On Target an approach to parenting cognitive rigidity of ASD
  • Family Mental Health Wellness
  • Parenting Young Adults

Other high interest topics include:

  • Child to Parent Violence
  • Non-violent Communication
  • Non Violent Resistance for Aggression in the Home
  • Self Care and Personal Wellness
  • Spirituality in Parenting
  • Helping teens and young adults to launch

And more.