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Mental Health Awareness

Let’s All Do Our Part

We are dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with mental and behavioral health challenges, drug abuse and other issues that destroy our young people and isolate their families. Increased awareness helps pave the way to earlier treatment and opens the door to the right help.

We offer community based education for an organization’s staff and for teens, young adults, and parent groups on your campus, or at a location of your choice.

Interesting Facts

  • One in four will be impacted by a mental health challenge.
  • One in 17 will experience a serious mental health challenge in their lifetime.
  • The age range of 8yrs old – 12 yrs old reflects the median age of onset for signs and symptoms of Anxiety.
  • OCD is the fourth most common mental health diagnosis and early treatment is extremely important

When the I in Mental Illness is Changed to WE it Becomes Mental Wellness. Together We Can Make a Difference.

Let’s have the conversation.

Contact us today to schedule an engaging and interactive discussion on this often misunderstood and highly stigmatized topic. Suitable for parent groups, faith based staff, youth support organizations, community clubs and all citizens who care.