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Independent Educational Consultants – Nurturing a Passion for Learning

Children do well when they can. Discerning parents know the right school makes all the difference. We are passionate about identifying “right fit” academic settings where young people thrive, have friends, and reach their potential. Our clients gain confidence in the most important decisions of optimal school choice, 504-IEP, specialized schools and summer programs.

Whether your child is mildly impacted or in need of specialized services, it is our mission to find an academic pathway so your student can stay on track in school.

The category of learning differences is very broad.  Our students present with a range of learning differences and can include:

  • Learning Disability, ADHD, TBI
  • Twice Exceptional  (meeting criteria for both gifted and learning disability)
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Developmental Disability
  • Cognitive Disability
  • Medical (seizures, cancer, and more)
  • Mental Health issue  (Anxiety, OCD, Mood, Depression)

Our independent educational consultants spend as much time as it takes meeting with parents, and the student when advisable, in order to hear the special concerns and to gain a full understanding of the student’s background and unique challenges.  We thoroughly investigate the options, make recommendations and continue to monitor student progress to ensure that the student is in an academically and socially appropriate learning environment where they can stay on track in school with the right support.

Possible Options Include:

  • Help K-12 with 504 accommodations and IEP goals
  • Help understanding 504 and accommodations in College
  • Summer Learning Opportunities
  • Specialized Summer Camps
  • Alternative Learning
  • Specialized School in Community
  • Supportive Boarding Schools
  • Home Education Curriculum Planning
  • GAP Year for personal development
  • And more

When local educational consulting services are not enough or if parents want to pursue national schools, we help families properly evaluate and determine which specialized boarding school is warranted.  We plan with you and weigh important factors such as cost, location, curriculum, extra curricular activities, therapeutic or behavioral supports and academic services.

Let our independent educational consultants help you get connected to the right setting and appropriate services so your student can thrive. Contact us with all your school questions.