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What Can You Expect from Our Therapeutic Consultant?

Troubled Teens and Young Adults

Connecting to Resources and Planning with Families is What We Do Best.

When a son or daughter is facing challenges, parents want answers. Our wide variety of services including customized planning and nonjudgmental advising brings relief during difficult times. A good plan offers hope and provides a clear path forward for families.

Educational Consultants at Morgan Guidance understand the level of duress that prompts a family to seek help for complex issues including learning, emotions, eating disorders, trauma, adoption, a wide variety of defeating behaviors and more. As part of our assessment process, we identify the strengths that will lead to success. We take into account the abilities and aspirations of each young person. It is our goal to collaborate with parents so they have the confidence they need to make important yet often difficult decisions for a student or young adult.

A personal note from Elaine on this sensitive topic:

Parents and professionals desire to keep the family unit intact; however, in some instances more intensive options are necessary in order to protect a family’s wellbeing and protect a young person’s future.

Sadly, local alternatives are often non existent, leaving families to fend for themselves. Many families experience longstanding problems or years of “almost failing” or a cycle of Hospital Homebound and limited school attendance. In other homes, a young adult leaves college, becomes stuck, is unproductive or faces challenges that are a barrier to moving forward toward independence.

When it is indicated, I work with the family to find the best possible specialized school or therapeutic treatment program away from home. I know first-hand how powerful the right setting can be for a teen or young adult.

It is exhausting for parents and siblings to orient their life for years around the family member with ASD, emotional challenges or self defeating behaviors; therefore, it is my desire to directly support families by assisting them in finding “the right fit” for their child so a son or daughter has success in life. Your child’s safety and future are of deep concern to me as you face this difficult yet extremely important decision of an out of home placement.

Wise parents know the best options are almost impossible to find through a DIY internet search. Because we understand the complexity of clinical issues, parents count on us to identify optimal local resources and superior national programs.

When to Seek Help:

Facing challenges is part of being human. It is common for children and teens to experience the pains of growing up; however, when the challenges are overwhelming or when barriers to success are faced in unhealthy ways or not faced at all, the struggles can threaten to derail a young person’s future if they do not receive the right help.

Children, adolescents, and young adults may appear to be acting out or acting inward. Our consultants can help identify underlying roots of the behaviors. This insight is invaluable to parents who are looking for a suitable school or specialized treatment.

Problems or underdeveloped coping skills on the part of students and young adults may look like:

  • Florida Baker Act
  • Inconclusive assessments
  • Conflicting diagnosis
  • Change in academic performance
  • Not performing at potential
  • School avoidance or dropping out
  • Needing to leave college
  • Suspension or Expulsion
  • Behaviors that are unresponsive to consequences
  • Aggression or property destruction at home
  • Uncharacteristic, impulsive or risk taking behaviors
  • No friends or changing peer group
  • Low motivation or seeming stuck
  • Signs of Anxiety, OCD, Depression
  • Poor hygiene
  • Too much gaming, technology or social media
  • Involvement with police or legal system
  • Self harm or suicidal thoughts
  • What you are trying isn’t working
  • And more

Read more: A List of Common Concerns

There is Hope – Our Signature Therapeutic Process.

There are excellent programs for children as young as five years, tweens, teens, and young adults. Whatever the age, our signature therapeutic process is recognized for evaluating young people and custom-matching their special needs with developmentally appropriate resources, schools and programs.

We listen so we can fully understand the situation. We ask “what is in the best interest of the child” and consider the many complex needs of your entire family including siblings. Then, we work with you to create a customized plan to meet your individual needs.

  • Three distinct phases and 10 clear steps. Read more about the Three Phases.
  • A thorough assessment process individualized to each family’s circumstances
  • Extensive parent support and ongoing client advocacy
  • A quick response to a new client in a Baker Act, psychiatric, legal, and substance abuse crisis

Many parents say, “I wish I had known about you before things got so bad.” Whether your child is still young and innocent or in their 20’s and has already faced tough times, there are age-appropriate programs that are safe, bring hope and can turn their life around … whatever the age or issue.

Need Assistance? Request a consultation to learn more about how we support parents and identify a clear path forward so children, teens and young adults get back on track and stay on track to reach potential in school and in life.