3 Reasons Parents Turn To An Educational Consultant for Troubled Youth

Every family has struggles and every family will sometimes need help to navigate challenging circumstances. For families with troubled youth, one often unknown source for help can be an educational consultant.

Why do families work with educational consultants? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Just as one would hire an attorney to navigate the legal system for a child in trouble with the law, parents hire an educational consultant that specializes in aiding troubled youth. A good consultant will help both parents and children to navigate the often complex and confusing world of school support systems and therapeutic treatments for a child facing barriers to success. Asking for help from a consultant is not a sign of weakness or failure; it is a sign of strength, of willingness to explore every imaginable option to help your child.

2. Smart, capable parents value the expertise of others. Morgan Guidance consultants are experts on resources that are available for at-risk children, troubled teens, and needy young adults. We excel at identifying specialized schools and therapeutic or treatment programs for all our clients. As a therapeutic or special needs consultant, Elaine Morgan plans with families around learning, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

3. All parents need help. Being able to recognize when you need help is a strength, not a weakness. And finding supportive people who you can delegate certain things to can have a transformative effect on your parenting and home life with your child. Most parents of children with special needs are worn out from all the years of coordinating care across systems and between professionals. Morgan Guidance consultants provide certified parent support and plan with the family to address concerns. This allows parents to gradually shift back to focusing on providing more holistic care for their child rather than spending all their time and mental energy navigating complex educational and care systems.

Morgan Guidance Helps Troubled Youth and Their Families Navigate Complex Educational Systems

We refer to our signature therapeutic process as “guidance optimized” because it is a comprehensive process where each step promotes optimal planning:

Guidance Optimized:


Far exceeds a DIY internet search


Far exceeds selecting a school or program based on a web site and a generic checklist of treatment promises


Far exceeds advice from a neighbor about what worked for their child


Far exceeds information found in a brochure


Far exceeds a simple placement referral from a family serving professional


Far exceeds any advising and support you have ever received

Read about our extensive ten steps and three distinct phases for families and professionals seeking a therapeutic placement for a young person. Our consultants also serve as career counselors, parent support specialists, brainstorming partners, a sounding board and student advocates.

When looking for an educational consultant for troubled youth, smart and capable parents are sure to inquire if the consultant is independent. Independent consultants follow a code of ethics that strictly forbids acceptance of referral fees or payment for a program placement. Independent consultants do not represent any program; therefore, families can trust the consultant to be a neutral advisor with no agenda except what is in the best interest of the child and the family system.

Contact us today for troubled youth educational consulting services. The sooner you inquire, the sooner you will make well informed decisions that impact and protect your child’s future.


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