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3 Reasons Therapists Refer Troubled Teens to Educational Consultants

Community based mental health care providers are often the first resource for families. Parents of an explosive child, dysregulated tween or troubled teen routinely find their way to trusted school counselors, social skills groups, local therapists, behavior specialists, school psychologists, and psychiatrists.

A common question is, “Why do therapists refer troubled teens to an Educational Consultant?” Individual and family serving professionals refer because they recognize an Educational Consultant enhances the treatment process by providing much needed expertise and support for family needs that go beyond the therapeutic session. An Educational consultant supports providers and assists families in fleshing out academic and therapeutic recommendations. Morgan Guidance will:

  • assist in calming family fears and promote clarity through information and parent support
  • plan with families so they have a clear path forward during difficult days
  • look at the big picture, create short and long term goals, track progress, advocate for student
  • serve as an expert resource on specialized schools and programs
  • when indicated, will custom match clients to the “right fit” therapeutic placement
  • go the distance and stay on the family team for as long as the parent requests

Consultant Elaine Morgan brings a fresh perspective and asks what is in the best interest of the child and family. She abides by the ethics of her professional organizations. As an independent educational consultant working directly for the family with a troubled teen, Elaine never receives payment from a school or fee for program referral.

Let’s consider three common reasons therapists refer troubled teens to an Educational Consultant.

Reason 1:

Referring professionals acknowledge Independent Educational Consultants are full time planners and experts on resources, specialized schools and therapeutic programs. Our specialization is complementary to the work of therapists and other individual and family serving professionals. Therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists refer to us when they want to ensure their client has a comprehensive plan including being matched to the best academic or treatment setting. Learn specifics about how we serve families as a niche provider and complement the larger circle of professional supports.

Reason 2:

Very importantly, therapists refer troubled teens to an Educational Consultant when complexity is noted. What do I mean by complexity? It can be any number of issues.

For a family this might look like but is not limited to:

  • navigating several systems of care while juggling family, work and every day life
  • trying to coordinate school services or multiple specialists without a comprehensive plan
  • a family system that is facing significant stressor of challenge or change
  • a family system that is changing or buckling under the pressure of a special needs child
  • parent seeks own therapy yet they want to talk about their child’s or teen’s issues

For the young person, complexity might look like but is not limited to:

  • insufficient therapeutic progress and time is getting away
  • worsening behaviors that are unresponsive to strategies or consequences
  • unclear diagnosis or inconclusive assessments
  • ASD or other neurological issues that require long term developmental multi disciplinary supports
  • negative impact on life function especially school, intrapersonal, family, peers
  • at risk for not reaching potential
  • a 16yr or 17yr old approaching majority age
  • any age aggressive at home or impulsive in community
  • substance use since drugs and alcohol increase risk for just about every problem

Reason 3:

Professionals refer because they embrace research that confirms a team based approach. If you are familiar with the concept of Wraparound Care or Concierge Case Management, then you might already feel comfortable with a team approach to family or individual mental health. If you are new to a coordinated team approach, let me assure you that our work is highly collaborative. Read what one wilderness therapy program has to say about the value of an Educational Consultant for their clients. SAMSHA is a champion for coordinated care. Organizations like Association for Community Integration Programs promote a multi disciplinary community team.

 Learn more about collaborating with our Educational Consultants for troubled teens. Morgan Guidance works locally in the community and state and via technology to serve professionals and clients at a distance. We will answer your questions and respond to your inquiry about when to refer and how we might work together for your client.

With you on the journey,

Elaine Morgan