Understanding the Role of a Mental Health Patient Advocate

A mental health patient advocate can make a positive difference in mental health treatment. You don’t have to be alone when you or a loved one is in a treatment program or struggling at home with anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia. Learn how mental health patient advocacy can help.

What is a Professional Mental Health Patient Advocate

Patient Advocacy is a specialization in health care concerned with advocacy for patients, survivors, and caregivers. Oftentimes, patient advocates are or have been patients themselves with an in-depth almost expert knowledge of the illness or presenting challenges. In the mindset and the philosophy of Patient Advocacy, the personal lived experience makes the advocate extremely suitable for their role.

A Professional Patient Advocate is a person who joins your team as a neutral and objective resource person and guides you through a difficult or even unknown experience you or a loved one is going through. Mental Health Advocates collaborate with others on your care team.

A private Professional Mental Health Patient Advocate listens to your concerns and acts proactively to provide direct assistance, either in person or virtually. Assistance is customized and individualized to your circumstances including any co-occurring medical issues.

A Professional Mental Health Patient Advocate is your backer and supporter on difficult days and as you navigate mental health concerns and treatment. They serve as your private guide through the behavioral health care system and maze of appointments and providers.

Other words for a Patient Advocate include Doula, mental health care navigator, case manager, mental health advocate, mental health navigator, and more. You can expect a Patient Advocate to be very supportive and professional at the same time. An advocate can be clear-headed in times when it is difficult for you.

Image of a patient advocate putting their hand on the shoulder of an upset man. Representing the support you can get from a mental health patient advocate, or mental health advocate, in Florida.

How a Mental Health Patient Advocate Helps

A mental health care navigator helps when you can’t or have trouble speaking up. An advocate can help you resolves concerns or issues that arise during treatment or during a stay in a facility.

An experienced mental health patient advocate may have expertise in your area of concern but they do not provide medical or clinical advice. Your mental health care navigator will educate you and empower you so you are well informed and can make your own well-informed decisions.

An experienced mental health patient advocate can assess your need and recommend a level of care. Some advocates have a very in-depth thorough process of learning about your needs and collecting your history so they can best serve you. They can then educate you on your options and act as a sounding board as you work through a decision-making process. Once in a program or treatment, your advocate can act as a go-between for patients, family members, and your program.

The Benefits of Working with a Mental Health Care Navigator

Image of a man in a yellow shirt typing on his cellphone. Representing someone who could benefits from a mental health patient advocate in Georgia. Anyone who is getting treatment can benefit from talking to a mental health care navigator in Georgia, Florida, Texas, or North Carolina.

|It’s hard to be called on as the patient or family member when needing to make critical life-impacting decisions in times of crisis and unwellness.

There are many benefits of working with a professional Mental Health Patient Advocate. Engaging in mental health treatment can be a nerve-wracking and confusing time for the patient and their family and friends. It can feel very unfamiliar. Not to mention that programs vary considerably in their attitude and willingness to engage with family members.

Importantly, a Mental Health Advocate is familiar with the world of mental health treatment. This means that they can demystify the world of treatment. Your advocate can even help to normalize your experience and make sense of the journey you are going through.

A Mental Health Advocate can be your spokesperson with a focus on your rights and more. Dignity Health lists five ways you can expect an advocate can support you.

Begin Working With a Mental Health Patient Advocate

You are just wanting the best for your loved one? Then Morgan Guidance is here to help. We believe that advocating for a loved one should not be done alone and are here to be a part of your team. We will provide support, guidance, and emotional care throughout this difficult journey. Our team of mental health patient advocates is here to help you every step of the way whether you are in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, or beyond. If you’re interested in creating a clear path forward, let’s connect:

  1. Contact us or book a complimentary consultation online
  2. Talk with one of our mental health care navigators about patient advocacy
  3. Begin advocating for your loved one with confidence!

Other Educational & Therapeutic Services we Offer in the US

In addition to mental health patient advocacy, we offer a variety of services to help you reach your potential in school and life. This includes long-term planning for individuals with Aspergers and ASD and consulting on Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Programs. In addition to transition planning and career counseling. All of these services are available in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and throughout the United States. Reach out so we can help you find your clear path forward.



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