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What is an Educational Consultant?

Maybe you’ve spoken to your child’s doctor, teacher, therapist, or conducted some research on your own about When Therapeutic Treatment is Needed and came across our educational consulting services. Regardless of how you came to ask “what is an educational consultant?”, we’re glad you’re here.

Today, we’ll answer “what is an educational consultant?”, “what does an educational consultant do?”, and explain how taking advantage of educational consultant services could be the pivotal change to put your child back on a path towards success.

What is an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant serves as a guiding light for students, families, teachers (k-12, post-secondary education, public and private), and government officials on how to positively influence student achievement through personalized planning.

Educational consultants can either work independently or as part of a consulting firm. They can also specialize in one or more educational consulting fields to address not only learning challenges, but social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, or problematic behaviors playing a role in the student’s academic and/or social struggles.

What Does an Educational Consultant Do?

Through well-organized, detail-oriented planning, educational consultants work with young adults and their families to identify the educational, behavioral, or social problems troubling your child. Once assessed and evaluated, your consultant will offer unbiased solutions they believe can positively influence your child’s social or academic success and help put them back on a road towards a bright future.

Depending on a student’s needs, an educational consultant might recommend a therapeutic boarding school, residential placement for students with learning disabilities, incorporating supportive remedial services for student success, or enlisting the help of local educational or therapeutic services. For students considering college, an educational consultant can discuss the benefits of participating in a GAP Year or Wilderness Therapy Program, depending on what opportunity best matches the client’s needs and objectives.

What Makes Morgan Guidance Different?

As an independent educational consultant service, Morgan Guidance works in collaboration with young adults and their families to identify, plan, and advise the best course of action based on your child’s individual needs, whether they are struggling to succeed in k-12 academics or they are a student transitioning to college with learning disabilities.

Passionate About Finding the Right Fit for Every Client

If your son or daughter is facing barriers to success in academics, social skills, emotional development, or problematic behaviors, Morgan Guidance is prepared to help a number of ways, including:

  • Customized planning and supportive guidance
  • Providing vetted resources to parents and children
  • Identify the best courses of action and the right fit for your child
  • Day, boarding school, and college consulting
  • Identify academic/therapeutic needs, learning styles
  • Identify special education needs

Throughout every step of the process, Morgan Guidance will fervently represent your child’s objectives, goals, and dreams so they may realize their full potential in a safe and positive way. When you work with Morgan Guidance, you will experience:

  • A thorough assessment of your current situation
  • A fresh perspective focused on student and parent needs
  • Flexible services best suited to your needs
  • Client advocacy, monitoring, and identifying social, emotional, or educational milestones
  • Certified parent support to help parents through the process
  • In depth planning for transition, aftercare, and next steps to encourage continued academic success
  • A clear path forward for your child and your family

Vetted Programs & Services By Our Educational Consultants

As part of Our Mission and Philosophy to present young adults and their parents with a clear path forward so they can reach their potential in school and life, Morgan Guidance travels all around the country visiting and evaluating programs for the qualities that matter most to learning or treatment. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to give our clients the absolute best educational consulting services available today.

Knowledge & Expertise to Provide Individualized Support at Every Step

Regardless of if you’re simply learning about therapeutic placement for your child, or they are currently enrolled in/transitioning out of a treatment program, Morgan Guidance has the knowledge and expertise to support your family no matter what leg of the journey you’re on.

Contact Elaine at Morgan Guidance today to schedule your complimentary consultation, or to  learn more about how our educational consulting services have changed the lives of countless others going through one of the most challenging chapters of their lives.