Academic and residential options for neuro diverse students and young adults.

A Clear Path Forward

We are specialists in advising parents on long term planning for young people who are challenged with ADHD, Non Verbal Learning Disability, High Functioning Asperger or sub clinical Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) characteristics.

The ability to function as a student with ASD may be impacted by: learning, challenges with Executive Function, Auditory Processing, speech and language, sensory integration, energy regulation, emotional regulation, relationships, and more. These challenges often spill over into every day life.

Our planning includes the prevalent clinical complexities of ASD which may include ADHD, social challenges, cognitive rigidity, obsessive thoughts or behaviors, anxiety, meltdowns or rage, aggression, sleep problems, and more.

We partner with dedicated parents to focus on the prioritization of goals which are informed by each child, adolescent, or young adult’s unique presentation with an ever constant eye on the need for a healthy launch to independence.

Contact Morgan Guidance Services to make a long term plan with you that will lead to full potential for the individual who is challenged with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s.

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